Friday, June 24, 2016

ZooPhonics aligned Mini-Books!

Alphabet Mini-Books from Alligators to Zebras!!

These are the back bone of any letter / phonics theme program.   Packed full of activities for READING, WRITING and LISTENING / FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS.

2-in-1 BUNDLE!

Plus, the popular HOW-TO-DRAW from A-Z product is included with the mini-books making this a great value!  Even the most 'self-described' non-artistic teacher can draw with these simple directions.  If you can draw a circle, an oval, a curved line, a straight line, triangles and can draw these! You students will think you are the best artist..yes you.

A - Z Mini-Books are easy to navigate for printing ease!  Just locate the Letter Theme of the week / day on the left-side menu and click!

Each letter mini-book has 8 pages packed with activities!

Page 1:  Title:  write your name, demonstrate letter formation
Page 2: Direct Drawing - easily teach students to draw each animal (every letter sound has an animal)
Pages 3-6:  Picture Sort:  sort pictures by initial sound.  Students must eliminate two pictures that do not follow the initial sound.  Then, students learn to identify words and match words.  Finally, students can practice writing each picture word.
Page 7:  Students identify lower case and uppercase letters!
Page 8:  Handwriting practice

Did you notice the three stars on some of the pages???  
Students love feedback and strive for 3 stars!  I carry a color marker or color pencil as students work.  I pre-teach my expectations for 3-Star writing, drawing/coloring, etc.  As I color in stars, I verbally praise and give recommendations for master.  For example I would say, "This /G/ was formed perfectly, ooh! This one is your best."  And for recommendations I may say something like, "to reach 3 stars you will need to make sure your letters do not go below the line, Oh dear! This one looks like you started at the bottom instead of the top."  For additional feedback and praise, I ask students to show the class certain things they did well.  This feedback really helps improve the quality of student work.  

It is a .doc file so you can edit it to your needs.

Color appropriately as you pre-teach expectation and refer back to the poster often during feedback!

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