Friday, July 22, 2016

a Classroom or Party 
with $5

I have seen a lot of Classroom Theme Decors and it seems soon expensive!  I am thrifty at heart and love helping others save money too.  So, I created these Classroom Decor Sets that you can edit and customize to create a unique one-of-a-kind classroom theme for just a few dollars.

 These sets above are in back and white/grey scale to help save money on color printing.  You can certainly add 'pops' of color easily.  I like to layer my borders.  So with just a few sheets of construction paper and a few sheets of one of these designs, you have a unique border in minutes.

You may be asking yourself, well how do I customize these?  I have created some video tutorials to help you achieve some common looks from posters and labels to banners and artistic wall designs.  Follow me on this blog to see all the tutorials.  More to come!

If you would like a custom set, let me know!  I will do it for $20 more.  If you would like a cartoon of yourself, I can do that too.  Look and see some characters I made for a few teachers.

Would you like these team teacher's theme?  Here it is...I added lots of clip art to create unique unlimited looks.  Superhero kids, are average everyday looking kids...have fun and...start designing with this freebie!

Look at the neat gear art effects you can make of your classroom hallway, science fair, STEM event, steampunk classroom decoration, bulletin boards or party!  Gear up for a great year and don't forget to combine this freebie with the Gear theme classroom decor pack.

Have an LOL year!