Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quickly master GOOGLE TRANSLATE app with your level 1 ESL students!

Everyone seems to have an iPad or Smart Phone.  They can be a life-saver in your Newbie Survival Kit!  Teach your new level 1 ESL students to use the GOOGLE TRANSLATE app in a few quick activities/worksheets. Adults to Secondary to Elementary Language Learners will enjoy learning how to use this powerful tool!

I'm sure your time with ESL students differs from mine.  Every school and every year is different.  Well, when I get a student new to the U.S. with little to no English skills, I try to pull that student from the regular classroom to stay with me or my assistant for much of the day for at least a week.  During this time, I have a grab-bag of activities.  The very first thing I do is train the student to use GOOGLE TRANSLATE to help the student communicate needs, understand content/directions, and to get to know the student.

I'm lucky to have two iPads in my classroom.  I assign one of the iPads to the regular classroom teacher to keep locked up and charged each night.  The student can carry the iPad with them for a few weeks until they adjust.  Then, I start to ween them off the app using it mostly for understanding content.  When I get multiple new to U.S. Students, I have to make decisions on who gets the iPad (with the bigger screen).  I have a few old 4G iPhones I can use with other students.  But, most of my classroom teachers have Smart Phones they will use with students too.

As you know, you can't just hand the student an iPad and expect them to know how to use it.  These activities and worksheets help you and your students master the GOOGLE TRANSLATE app from the very first day of learning how to locate the app, turning on the device to responding to school-type
content.  You will learn to use the camera, microphone and handwriting tools within the app.

The activities and worksheets include:

1.Building Background:  Teach the English vocabulary needed, Voice Volume, Locating App
2.Using Speaker Function:  Interview Questions teach students to respond in native language clearly.
3.Using Camera Function:  Translate words/phrases, match picture 
4.Use Camera Function: Translate passage and questions
5.Use Camera Function: Translate Math directions/questions
6.Use Camera and Scribble Function: Respond in writing

The worksheets and activities are designed to start simple and progress to advance skills needed in classroom settings.  The objective is students will be able not only communicate basic needs, but also to have access to content presented in classrooms.  

First 2 worksheets/skills do not require student to read or write.  
Last 4 worksheets are most effective for students who have basic 3+ grade level reading in their dominate language.  
Not all languages are available on google translate.

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