Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fresh Start with a Freebie!

 It has been a busy year for LOL with ESL.  Cary and I have decided to split ways and remain good friends.  Now, I am getting ready to load many exciting products.  Let's start with a new freebie.

Try out a new product:  Listening and Speaking Storyboard with Isabelle the inchworm.

 Click here to download Listening and Speaking Storyboard!

This product was born from the need for my students to practice listening and speaking in way that is similar to the way they are assess with WIDA ACCESS and WIDA model.  I found I not only use this with my Kindergarten students, but also with my ESL students level 1 and 2 students.  Since I use parts of the ZooPhonics program to teach non-readers to read, I use the same animals in many of my products.  While it is not Iggy the inchworm, I think your students will adore his cousin Isabel as she changes and grows in this unique storyboard inspired by WIDA and ZooPhonics.

I also liked have lots of options to my products. So this one you will have many choices:
1.  color or blackline master
2.  sit next to student scripts OR sit across the table from student script
3.  the original all-in-one 14 X 8.5 size paper, or 2 page letter size version.

So, your printing and usage is very flexible.

The freebie is one panel of the full story board.  It is the level 4 panel.  The student views and responds using the picture while you read from the script. Listening and Speaking Freebie

For the full storyboard get it here:

 Click here to download Listening and Speaking Storyboard!