Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sing Your Way Through the ABC's!

What better way to build oral fluency??  
Sing a fun song to go along with any phonic, alphabet theme.  

These include 26 animals song and finger plays will delight your students from Alligators, bears and cats to foxes, yaks and zebras!  If you use Zoo Phonics, this is the packet of songs for you!

Create a songbook center. Students can record themselves singing a song! It will become a class favorite!  

Add student recordings to your blog or class website!  

How about creating a class play? The uses are limited to your imagination. 

Need me...I'm the idea girl!

I love it when my students break into songs when they are doing independent activities like coloring, cutting, etc.  My class favorites... 5 Little Gorillas and 3 Little Joey's Jumping in Mama's Pouch!
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