Thursday, June 23, 2016

EZ Comprehension CVC Readers!

Reading Comprehension

Perfect for RTI, Small groups, Centers and homework!  These 13 Phonics worksheets are differentiated for all beginner readers.  Quickly assess students reading ability:  Letter sounds, CVC words blending or CVC sentence reading.

My 1st grade RTI group loves these worksheets and beg for more.   They love the feeling of being able to read, yet they are not quite ready to read books yet.

Use these worksheets along side my Word Slider/ Word Decoders and students will be blending sounds in a matter of days!

Each worksheet builds on the last letter sounds mastered.  For example, the first letter sounds /a/, /m/, /s/, and /t/ are mastered first.  Then, students learn /h/, /i/ (short vowels only).  Now students can read so many words: at, mat, sat, hat, am, as, it, is, mitt, sit, hit, Tim, Sam, ham, him, his, has, miss and even challenge words like mist and mast!!

I created these worksheets when I noticed my students were not applying their reading skills during the Kindergarten WIDA Access and Model tests.  The needed to be able to read a word or sentence and match the picture.  So, I created these worksheets to follow the letter sounds I teach.  Then as I received new ESL students or I had 1st grade students needing RTI, I began using them with those groups.  The results were wonderful.  My students actually beg for more of these.

The letter sounds all follow the same animals as in Zoo Phonics. So, you may need to explain to some animals pictures which are not common to students:
i = inchworm
n = night owl
q = quail
u = umbrella bird
v = vampire bat
w = weasel
x = fox
y = yak
However, most students figure it out quickly through the process of elimination.

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