Monday, September 5, 2016

color INK is so CHEAP now!

I am not affiliated with HP.  And, I am not sponsored by HP.  Someone had told me about this program and thought it was worth sharing.  Plus, if you sign up with this link, you get a free month too! 

I HATED how much it cost to print in color.  In August, I shelled out yet another $60+ for my color ink cartridge and thought…”did I even get 100 pages out of the last cartrige?”  It sure didn’t seem like it.  As a teacher, color printing seems to be a ‘norm’ these days from posters, to banners, to welcome back newsletters.  Then after each school year begins, I always hesitate using the color printer, because it is so darn expensive. 


I found out about the HP Instant Ink Program.  I first thought it was too good to be true.  So I read and read the terms of agreement.  I thought about my needs, then with some hesitancy signed up!

This summer, I bought 2 color ink cartrige.  That was over $130…way too pricey for a teacher!  Now since I chose the $4.99 plan, I pay $55 for the whole YEAR and get 100 pages per MONTH!!!!  (1st month is free)  That is less than one HP 61 ink cartridge at Walmart!

If the savings didn’t hook me, it was the ease of use.  HP monitors my ink levels and sends more ink when my ink runs low.  I also thought it was pretty cool they sent pre-paid envelopes to send back old ink cartridges too.  IN ADDITION, I can easily monitor my use and make sure I am getting my $ worth.   This is my actual account information below since I started a few weeks ago...

I wanted to make sure this wasn't a gimmick or 'too good to be true' program before I shared it with others.  It really works and I couldn't be happier.  So, are you ready to save hundreds of $?

First, you need an eligible HP printer.  Check here to see if you have an eligible printer.    

I have the HP Envy 4520.  It prints wireless from all my devices and double sided too.  Its a nice affordable printer (less than $60 with free shipping at Walmart).  I have had this printer for over a year and love it.  Now it is even better with this easy to use INK SAVING PROGRAM.  Your first month is FREE with this refer a friend link.  You can change your plan at any time.   

I hope you have a year full of colorful saving!