Monday, July 27, 2015

Our first TPT products are up in the store!

By: Cary Wright

So this has been quite an interesting crazy summer!

Both Jill and I had planned family vacations, but hers was in June and mine was in July (plans were made before we embarked in this journey). This meant that our meetings for planning and collaboration had to be crunched to a few weeks in late May and late July. Thank goodness for internet, email, and google drive!

As teachers, it's great to have our summers off and have a chance to relax and spend time with our families who live far from us here in Clarksville, TN. But with our new venture on board, things got just a bit more hectic than we expected. Did I mention that Jill fractured her foot and has been in a wheelchair for the past 6 weeks???  :(   I know this was the last thing Jill had in mind for the summer, and I keep praying for her foot to heal so she can gain back her mobility.

Regardless of the limited time we've had to meet in person, we have managed to make this happen. And today we were able to upload our first products to TeacherspayTeachers. YAY!! Al fin!!
So now Jill and I invite you to visit our store "LOL with ESL".

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Homeschooler -

So look for our cute button, "LOL with ESL" and you will find Pre-K through 5th grade materials targeting reading, writing, phonics, ESL and RTI.

We are so proud of how our Letters in the Zoo products are coming along. They are unique! During the past months, we took the time to acquire some of the best animal photographs to be incorporated into our phonics materials. Check out the Alphabet Mini Posters and the Alphabet Poster at

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, which tells the story of how 2 teacher friends became "partners in crime"...hasta pronto!